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Justin et Robin
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Enjoy traditional french cuisine for this region complimented by tasty Cahors wines!
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Gourmet Gastronomique
South West France Cuisine

French Cuisine
The South West of France is famous for it's fantastic cuisine and we are spoilt with great restaurants in the area serving both local regional food and other french cuisine.

Come and stay at the B&B and we'll recommend where you can eat depending on your budget!  Prices from as little as 10 Euros per person to >100 Euros per person (wine included)!

Some of the best..
A comprehensive list of restaurants to suit all is listed below.......

Foie Gras Gourmet Cuisine
A nice book From Here You Can't See Paris about a local restaurant in the Lot (author Michael S. Sanders). It is out in paperback and we recommend it to whet your appetite for upcoming travels as well as your palate. The restaurant, La Recreation in Les Arques is a must.  It is located 15-20 minutes drive from Albas. If you require accommodation in our B&B or Gite please enquire.

Foie Gras

Tours available on request

Magret de Canard
A favourite with all visitors

Goats cheese a specialty of the region.

A specialty of the region


Markets open in the winter at Lalbenque.

Quercy Melons

A favourite summer fruit.

Eating out
Some of our great chefs!
Lots of great restaurants in this serious gastronomic area featuring foie gras, truffles and Cahors wine. At the quality end of the market, "Les Bonnes Tables du Lot" is an association of top chefs who are well represented within a radius of 20kms, including Le Gindreau, Chez Marco and La Recreation at Les Arques. For every day eating, a typical lunch "formule" in several of the local restaurants will cost between 10 and 15 Euros and will usually include local wine. Nearest good eating places are located in Prayssac, Puy L'Eveque, Cahors, Sauzet, Anglars Juillac, Duravel, Greels, Castlefranc, St Medard, Les Arques, Mauroux and Douelle as well as in Albas itself.

Recommended Restaurants


Le Gindreau    05 65 36 22 27    
The crème de la crème on this list – 5 course menus start at 50 Euros
Location: St Medard       
closed Monday and Tuesday all day

La Recreation 05 65 22 88 08 
Excellent 5 course gourmet menus at 30 Euros
Location: Les Arques        
summer (May-August) : closed Wednesdays and Thursdays

winter (Sept-December) : weekends only 

Le Vert  05 65 36 51 36 
Excellent gourmet food at 40 Euros for 5 courses. 
Foie gras highly recommended
Location: Mauroux

Hostellerie Clau del Loup 05 65 36 76 20    
Excellent gourmet menus start at 28 Euros for 4 courses. 
Set 3 course lunches with wine and coffee at 17 Euro on weekdays
Location: Anglars Juillac
summer: open every day   
autumn/winter: closed Tuesday evenings and all day Wednesday

Family Restaurants:

La Guinguette 05 65 30 86 91  
Pizzas, pasta and local gourmet menus -  play area for children 
Location: Grezels   
summer: open every day
autumn/winter: open only on weekends 

La Vigne Haute 05 65 53 08 45  
Specialises in soufflées  (even foie gras soufflées!) - a must for the gourmande!
Duck breast, steaks and delicious salads
Location: Castelfranc 
open Thursdays - Sunday lunch only 

La Palombiere 05 65 36 20 51   
Great 4 course set lunches at 11 Euros 
Location: Anglars Juillac 
summer: from July open for dinner closed Saturdays
winter: lunches only closed Saturdays   

Le Capitaine   05 65 20 18 19  
Reasonable menus, riverside location, live music Thursday nights, 
July,Aug only
Location: Caix,Luzech  
summer(May-Sept) : closed  Tuesdays
autumn/ winter: closed 

Le Poule au Pot  05 65 36 65 48  
Very large menus at an excellent price – good local farm food
Location: Gougounac 
summer: open every day
winter: open every day lunchtime only

Ma Chaumiere 05 65 22 40 52
Location: Prayssac 
closed Sunday evenings, all day Monday

Le Vidal 05 65 30 66 00
Location: Prayssac 
closed Sunday and Monday 

Auberge de La Tour 05 65 36 90 05
Location: Sauzet  
hotel/restaurant open every day including Sundays

Aux Dodus D’Audhuy  05 65 36 44 12 
Good old-fashioned home cooking with wacky atmosphere! 
Location: Duravel  
summer( July, August) : open all day
winter(Sept-Dec): open Friday and Saturday nights, Sunday lunch 
closed January – March

Local Restaurants: Albas

Le Brasserie L’Esplanade 05 65 30 78 45
Salads, steak and chips - informal
Location: Albas
July/August lunches and dinners every day
winter - lunches every day, dinner Friday and Saturday nights only  
closed all day Monday

Restaurant du Port 05 65 20 15 95 
Local cuisine, choice of 3 menus
Location: Albas
closed Sunday evenings, all day Tuesday

Auberge Imotep 05 65 30 70 91 
Local Cuisine
Location: Albas
closed Sunday evenings, all day Monday

O Plaisir de Sens 05 65 22 47 12  
Young chef with artistic flair and superb talent for combining taste using interesting local produce. Three course lunch for 16 Euros - magnificent
Location: Prayssac
closed Monday

Other Great Restaurants further away! 

Chez Marco 05 65 35 30 64
One of finest chefs in the Lot!  5 course meals from 30 - 75 Euros
Location: Lamagdelaine (7 km from Cahors, direction St Cirque Lapopie)
closed Sunday evenings, Monday and Tuesday lunchtimes

L'O à la Bouche  05 65 35 65 69
Excellent cuisine - fixed price menus at 25 Euros
Location: Cahors
closed Sunday and Monday

La Garenne 05 65 35 40 67
Excellent gourmet cuisine - menus at 18 - 35 Euros
Location: Cahors (3km north just off RN20)
closed Wednesday lunch and Monday - Wednesday evenings

"Au Fil des Douceurs" 05 65 22 13 04
Eat on a boat - Excellent cuisine - menus at 17 - 43 Euros
Location: Cahors
closed Sunday and Monday

La Balandre 05 65 53 32 00
Excellent upmarket gourmet food - menus at 38 - 90 Euros
Location: Cahors (located in the Hôtel Terminus opposite the train station)




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